123-Hive, new surprising thinking CMS for webdeveloper

24 Dec 2012

As web developers, besides the decisions we make during the website building as for what to include, we always keep the user-friendly aspect in front of our eyes. 123 Hive is a inovative CMS showing a new thinking approach towards website planning, designing, developing and managing. I was lucky to meet the founder of this unique project, Amir Inbar, and have a close look of what someday could be the next CMS generation.

The idea behind 123 Hive is very simple – “Make it simple”.  Inbar’s approach simply saying that not all your customers have the right knowledge to manipulate all the great stuff you put in their website, so why not showing them the way by planning a website specially for them. Inbar hinks that a CMS that is totally web-based is actually limiting you as a web developer and your client as a website manager.

“For example”, Inbar explains, “why not letting your customer adding a video to their website by simple drag-n’-drop and even let them edit it for their needs? well, we all know the answer for that – uploading a movie, even the shortest one, will takes forever for the busy client, and that’s before even trying to edit it”. With this basics Inbar sat down and started his own small project, which became a fast growing one – a local managment CMS with remote sync when publishing. While watching the capabilites and flexibilty of this new CMS I was noticed that although the changes are local on our PC, there a sync threads running in the background all the time, keeping the website on the web updated with every publication. This unique engine let us add photos and media in a blink of an eye, just choose your image, video or music file and it’s in your page, no more waiting time for uploading and wasting more time on applying changes to it – it’s all live and right there on the screen waiting for you, instead you will need to wait for it. 

The second feature that must be mentioned is the seperation for web-development side, and the clients side. As a web developer you have all the tools you need to carefully plan and fast and easily build a customized website, and making it ready for you customer. That way your customer won’t have too many details and options to deal with when putting new content to their website. If it is a real estate website you can be very precise of what type of input fields each property should have and even use built-in galleries and sliders. No more unwanted and unused options and pages for the client. This leaves the structure in your hands, while the client is totally focusing on his or her content. And if your client asks for a change in the website plan it’s not a big deal, you just drop-in another input field without ever dealing with the code itself.

I’m sure that some of you are bit sceptic, after all we all know WordPress, Jumla & Drupal and these supposed to be the best CMS applications. But I really urge you to see 123-Hive in action. It’s really is easy as 1-2-3, and the new approach thinking untie you from the limits that web-based CMS applications holds you. To take a test drive just go to http://www.123-hive.com .

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