Admin Left-to-Right Button WordPress Plugin

01 May 2012

This plugin really intended to all developers and wordpress users who have installed right-to-left versions of WordPress such as the Hebrew and Arabic versions.

All of you who have right-to-left version probably suffers from the same issue I have with many plugins. You download it, install it and everything looks promising until you click on the plugin’s settings link and can’t understand which is what and who is where.

This can absolutely lead to unwanted results. So I had enough and just developed this quick plugin to use. Install it, and you will see on the top Admin Bar a new button labled Left to Right. Click on it when you’re in trouble and all the sudden the page will be much clearer to read and use.

This is just the first version of the plugin. I will improve it to remember the pages you have used it, and of course to cancel your selection. 

Download Here

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