123-Hive, new surprising thinking CMS for webdeveloper

24 Dec 2012
As web developers, besides the decisions we make during the website building as for what to include, we always keep the user-friendly aspect in front of our eyes. 123 Hive is a inovative CMS showing a new thinking approach towards website planning, designing, developing and managing. I was lucky to meet the founder of this unique project, Amir Inbar, and have a close look... Continue reading »

New releases for Adobe

02 May 2012
Adobe is about to release (May 7) it’s new version for the Adobe Masters Collection. The last two versions (CS4 and CS5) was a dramatic success and from the screenshots and promo video it seems that the new version, CS6 is about to be the next big thing. The price is not going to be cheap, $2599 for the full Adobe CS6 Master Collection, $699 for... Continue reading »