Both excellent and accurate work, but equally as important for us, a real pleasure to work with this team too!
Yossi Karadi,
At the beginning of our project I had an idea and was excited about it. I was working on developing internal sites for leading companies and was amazed every time how quickly the team at Neutrino were able to realize my ideas, no matter how intricate the demands and always offer the perfect solution.
Chen Inbal, Inbal Safe Playgrounds
Working with Neutrino far exceeded all of my expectations. Excellent quality of work that definitely answered my demands, and the service was great to boot. I will definitely choose Neutrino for another project in the future.
Mirvahim Capital Markets,
We still happily continue to use Neutrino services after a number of years.
When you start your business and want to build a web site you have lots of desires, lots of thoughts, and lots of options. It is true that the ultimate goal is a site that will work but the road traveled getting there is not less important. I got treated like a brother in that anytime I needed something someone was there to help me. As a result the quality of our website is very high. The day I started our project with Neutrino, I did not realize that our website would end up being so strong. If you want to build a website that is nothing like anything else, or if you want someone to give your website a new and stronger presence, or even if you just need someone to sit there and hear your ideas and help you bring them to fruition, I would definitely recommend Neutrino.
Ariel Ziv,
Shir from Neutrino is a true professional. He accompanied us on the process from the very start right through to its completion. From choosing the right and proper design for our website to its implementation, and including any adjustment to widgets we had added previously. The project was to our complete satisfaction which meant meeting tight deadlines and dealing with unexpected external challenges.
Meir Dudai,
For me it was all about the personal attention I received. Our site is exactly how I imagined in my head before we started to build it. There is an ongoing relationship and high degree of personal service even after the website was done. I know that if I have more to do on another site or products related to this area, I will definitely go back to Neutrino.
Ran Frenkel,
Professional, great service, and fast response times. We look forward to a long-term relationship with the team at Neutrino.
Idit Meshen, Dogma Design & Technology
It’s hard to describe in words just how happy we are with the overall quality of the site created for us, but words such as reliable, honest, open, sharing, available, and extremely knowledgable are a few words I would happily use when talking about Neutrino. I do not often write testimonials like this as I am someone who is hard to impress, but on this job with us the Neutrino Team scored 10/10.
Erez Alon,
Working with Shir from Neutrino I found him to always be professional, courteous and patient. I really enjoyed working with Neutrino and we hope to continue working together in the future.
We got an amazing website and we have not stopped receiving positive comments from our customers!
Osher A.
First of all, Shir is a great guy and fun to work with. All along I felt like I was dealing with a true professional who knew how to direct us towards the best result whilst still focusing on what we wanted. I am personally very pleased with our site and I have not stopped receiveing positive comments about the website and all our new branding. Shir is patient and available and helped us with whatever we wanted. He has very broad knowledge and is an expert in his field. If I have another similar project I know I will work with Neutrino, and will recommend them to anyone who is interested.
Lior Zemel,
Thanks a lot to this team for their quick and professional work. So many other programmers checked out our site and could not find the problem or proposed to rebuild the problematic pages again (of course for large amounts of money). Neutrino gave us a very fair price and said that they would solve the problem. They did. They solved the problem quickly and professionally. Not only that, but we also got a great deal of explanation about the issues we had and tips on how to improve our website, Thanks again for everything. We will be happy to work with you again in the future.
Elad Tal
I needed to put together an internet ad for a promotion we were running but we didn’t have much time. The guys at Neutrino and George in particular were fantastic in that they turned the whole project around for us in 48 hrs. The ad we got worked extremely well and the promotion was a real success. We will be back again working with Nuetrino for sure.
Aaron Lelah.
One of the most professional and courteous studios that I have ever worked with. The team did a great job, above and beyond my expectations. They were attentive, patient and available to make changes when we needed them. We received great advice and guidance all the way along. The Neutrino team take the time to see what the challenge is before them and then deliver on this which leaves clients like us feeling satisfied. I'm sure that everyone who will work with Neutrino will be as pleased as us.
Raz Dotan,
I am very happy with the work that was done for me. Neutrino Team answered very quickly, was very attentive and every request I made was taken care of without any time wasting. My job was relatively straight forward and they didn’t make it more complicated than it needed to be. They simply worked through my challenges one by one and gave me what I asked for, and to the highest level possible. I look forward to working with this team on my next project.
Uri Lichtinshtein,
The work with Neutrino is of the highest level, both professionally and personally. Shir gives not only what you need but also goes far beyond. Together with a refreshing degree of honesty and integrity we were able to end up with wonderful results. I find the construction of a website is kind of like the adventure of renovating a house. For us to succeed, it is not enough that the builder will only be good at his job, but he should also be a good person. I do not know any professionals in this field that meets these high expectations as perfectly as the guys at Neutrino Team.
Oran Topaz
Neutrino Studio went beyond what I would have expected with regards to service, quality and professionalism. Any changes or questions we had during the project were answered quickly and positively. Our website is of the highest quality in every respect and we are most satisfied with the end result. If you want quality, service and professionalism – Neutrino is the place for your project.
Win1 Auctions Website
Neutrino helped us a lot. Their price was fair and they came to us and supported us right throughout the project and afterwards as well. Their advice was good and always helpful. We want to work with them again with them in the future.
Riki Wienberg,
I had been looking for a while and had received a few very high quotes from other companies and businesses to do our work. Then luckily for me I found Neutrino. Today I have a website that I'm very pleased with, and with a design that and I can update without any problems. I also got business cards that are extremely unique. Their service was wonderful and to that point there is no doubt I’ll continue to send customers to Neutrino!  
Dr. Margalit Spalter,
Excellent and professional work.
Blackblot Product Management Expertise
The site designed for me was consistent with all my requirements and I have since received a lot of positive feedback from many of my clients. Working with Neutrino was a very easy experience and they helped me quickly on issues of maintenance and improving my site. I enjoyed working with them, and I will continue to work with and highly recommend Neutrino.
Dr. Meir Amir,
They answered my expectations plus so much more. I would definitely choose Neutrino again for future work. The workmanship was excellent
Meni Segall,
I enjoyed working with Shir from Neutrino. Shir was able to get much more from our WordPress and blogging system and made it convenient, manageable and user-friendly for all of us. The service was courteous and I enjoyed working with graphic artist Monica Moskowitz, someone that combines amazing talent with an impressive speed of execution.
Noam Kaplan
The website we received was exactly what we wanted. Clean and tidy which encourages visitors to make contact with us. It dramatically increased our exposure, and our zimmers are now in great demand. We are very satisfied with the service, quality and support we received even after the building process. For any problem or question, we always received a patient and warm response.
Julie Inbal, Pinat-Chen Zimmers
The quality of work produced by Neutrino is excellent by any standard. It starts with their service, professionalism, the way they listen to their customers and then fulfill their expectations. Our website receives a great deal of praise from our customers and we love it. We then chose Neutrino to build another website for another business of ours and were just as happy with that one too.
Anat Izenberg, Clavlove Dogs Pension